ASU Trusts Tempe Trophy with Their Awards

Arizona State University, with 17 separate colleges and institutes and over 1,000 student organizations, is always in need of trophies, plaques, medals, and other custom projects. Tempe Trophy is just a stone’s throw away from the biggest and “best” university in Arizona, although I may be a little bias as an Sun Devil myself. We do a lot of great projects for ASU students, faculty, and organizations.

Custom engraved name badge for ASU with magnetic back, engraved by Tempe Trophy

We provide awards for various organizations and departments within the school. As a local Tempe engraver, right down the road from ASU’s, we get to do a lot of great projects with them. Tempe Trophy is the best place to go when the an organization needs a job done. From plaques to trophies to custom name badges, we can customize items for any event. In fact, the picture to the right is one of the name badges that engrave for ASU. This particulate name badge was done on a custom cast acrylic specifically for ASU. We commissioned a special run of maroon and gold acrylic so we could create their high durability name badges.


The Engraved Plaque Expert

This past school year, the Information Systems Department at the W.P Carey School of Business awarded several high-achieving professors. Tempe Trophy created a stately plaque shaped like the state of Arizona with simple gold detailing on a black plate. Six of these plaques were made, all identical except for the recipient details and character of the wood. We only put out the best products and these awards came out clean and high quality. 

Tempe Trophy has much experience in creating plaque awards. A couple of other plaque projects we have conquered in the past include a display case for an ASU PhD student’s work and an award for the Graduate and Professional Student Association. We created a display case for PhD student’s blood separator prototype. It is labeled with an engraved black plate with silver detailing. The GPSA award is engraved gold on a maroon circular plaque to represent the ASU colors.


Custom Projects for Student Organizations

Among the over 1,000 student organizations at ASU comes the Greek-letter organizations. Being prideful of the Greek-letter gal myself, I know that each fraternity and sorority pride themselves on recognizing and fostering greatness which is often best expressed publicly with awards. Tempe Trophy has engraved everything from fun kickball trophies to serious plaques recognizing the contributions of past presidents, mentors and the like.

A couple of other Arizona State organizations that we have worked with include the Indian Students Association, Veterans Association, NROTC, Tillmans Scholars Program, Chinese Student and Scholars Association, Kuwaiti Club, Residence Hall Association, and various sports teams. For the ASU 2013 Pac-12 Scholar Athlete of the Year and First-Team All-Academic honors wrestler Jake Meredith, Tempe Trophy created the plate for his uniform display which included a plaque, pinned jersey, and plates of the ASU and Pac-12 logos.

There’s Nothing Tempe Trophy Can’t Do

One major piece that Tempe Trophy received was a bronze cast leadership circle medal for the New American University. We engraved the back of the medal to say the recipients names, a latin quote, University President Michael Crow’s signature, and the school’s logo. Through the various projects and jobs given to us by Arizona State University organizations, it is easy to see that Tempe Trophy can engrave nearly any type of hard surface, flat and curved.

Bronze casting of the Arizona State University seal and an engraving by Tempe Trophy.
Bronze casting engraved by Tempe Trophy for New American University.

As a small local business ourselves, Tempe Trophy loves local jobs and putting quality products into the community. Our products are based on the needs and requests of the customers which makes it easy to fulfill all these jobs given to us by Arizona State University and its diverse organizations. From corporate awards to custom projects, we are happy to work with such a big entity right here in Tempe.