Baseball Trophies That Wow

Spring training has begun. Tempe Trophy is the best place to order a custom trophy for your fantasy league, little league, or any other tournament you may be part of. Not only do we have an assortment of awards you can choose from, but we can work with you to create a custom award. For the pictured “NJCAA Golden Glove Award,” a customer wanted to dress up the original award to make it more formal-looking and that’s what we did.

Josh Bristyan Wins the Golden Glove

At the end of every National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) baseball season, outstanding players get awarded the Golden Glove Award. Together, the sporting goods company Rawlings and American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) award the best players the Golden Glove. Last season, local junior college baseball player Josh Bristyan was one of 

the winners for NJCAA Division II. Bristyan was the freshman shortstop for the Paradise Valley Community College Pumas. He is only one of three Pumas to ever receive the Golden Glove Award.

Bristyan’s coach came into our shop with the Rawlings Golden Glove, which was still in the box, and told us that it didn’t fit the achievements of its winner. With a .971 fielding percentage, 181 assists, and 88 putouts, Bristyan needed a more prestigious-looking award.

Tempe Trophy added not only an engraved gold on black plate, but a sturdy wooden base shaped like home plate. It was a nice touch to the beautiful golden glove and made it look more fitting for the NJCAA star.

Fantasy Baseball Awards

The season is fresh. This means, it’s the perfect time for fantasy leagues to pick out the award for their winners. It’ll be something to look forward to throughout the season. Tempe Trophy has an assortment of regular baseball awards that can be used for the fantasy leagues and has fantasy-specific awards as well. 

Similar to the Copper Armchair Quarterback we have a Copper Armchair for baseball fans who strategically work with the stats to run their league from their living room. We also have fun baseball bobblehead trophies for baseball fantasy leagues.

Baseball, Softball, and T-Ball

Tempe Trophy doesn’t just have baseball trophies. We carry trophies for nearly every sport which means we also have softball and even t-ball trophies. Each of these trophies can be customized in any way that a customer wants. We have created custom trophies with add-ons to the trophy aside from the design of the plate.