Best of Tempe Trophy

Norma awarding the Cafe Rio staff with a Best of Tempe Trophy award.
Norma awarding the Cafe Rio staff with a Best of Tempe Trophy award.

Recently, Tempe Trophy has been giving out awards to staff-picked restaurants for specific dishes or drinks that we like. Personally handing off each appreciative award helps us meet with these businesses. We’re able to show them that we love their food and enjoy creating relationships with other businesses. The best part is watching the workers and owners automatically light up when they receive our awards. It’s very rewarding for us to be able to recognize good service.

Cafe Rio, Bosa Donuts, Spinato’s

The first award was chosen by our manager. Norma gave the Tempe location of Cafe Rio an award for having the “Best Sweet Pork Tacos.” When she went to give it to the staff, they were all happy to be recognized and encouraged for a group photo to be taken.

The second award was chosen by me. As an avid Bosa Donut patron, I decided to award them with the “Best Taro Slush with Boba.” It’s my favorite drink to order from them. As Tempe Trophy’s across the street neighbor, it’s a great place to go on lunch breaks. The staff member who accepted the award on Bosa Donut’s behalf really appreciated it. If you’re ever at Tempe Trophy and feel like getting a refreshment, head over to Bosa and you can check out our award.

The third award was chosen by Sue. She declared that Spinato’s Pizzeria has the “Best Thin Crust Pizza.” When she went in to Spinato’s to eat with her family and hand over the award, she got to meet the owner himself—Spinato. He was really excited to receive the award on behalf of his restaurant. I’m glad we got to catch those moments in picture form.

Know any exceptional businesses?

We love handing out awards and there will be many more coming! Although Tempe Trophy staff have been choosing which restaurants to award, if you know any exceptional businesses, we’re open to nominations. Just let us know who and why they deserve it. We’re open to recognizing not only restaurants, but any businesses. Submit a nomination here.