A Zombie, Jack-o-Lantern, Witch, and Scarecrow trophy in front of pumpkins.
Tempe Trophy’s Halloween Trophy Collection

An Unsuspecting Trophy-Giving Holiday

Have you ever wondered why we celebrate Halloween? It originated from an old Celtic holiday called the festival of Samhain. People would light bonfires and dress up to scare away ghosts. Later on, Pope Gregory II created All Saints Day to honor all saints and used traditions from the Celtic day. The night before was called All Hollows Eve and later, Halloween. The practicies eventually came to the United States through some colonists and then heavily with Irish immigrants during the potato famine. Centuries later, the day has transformed into the costume and candy-driven celebration that we know today.

If you thought there were no awards given out on Halloween, think again. There are many different “Best” trophies that you can give away to trick-or-treaters, passersby, and partygoers. Tempe Trophy has an assortment of silly Halloween awards that are perfect for the scary holiday. From pumpkins to witches to skulls, here are our superlatives.

Can’t Go Wrong with Pumpkins on Halloween

Pumpkins are a Halloween staple. If not real jack-o-lanterns, than pumpkin trophy toppers! The laid back jack-o-lantern scarecrow is the perfect piece to a “99 Problems but a Witch Ain’t One” Award. It’s a fun award for the person at your party whose costume screams “Most Single.” Everyone is sure to get a laugh out of that one. We’ve also created a cute dance-off trophy topped by a pumpkin with flexible arms and legs.

Corporate Award of a Glass Blown Pumpkin on a Black Base
Corporate Halloween-Themed Pumpkin Award

Not only do we have fun Halloween awards, but we also have corporate or professional-style awards such as the blown glass pumpkin. This elegant award can be used as a best costume trophy for the office party. The glass pumpkin can also be carried into November and can be used as a Thanksgiving awards. Is your company honoring someone for their excessive attendance at the food bank?

Creepy Characters

Pumpkins are essential to Halloween, but so are all of the classic creepy characters. We have unique figurines to put on top of your Halloween awards such as the zombie, witch, and headless skeleton. They are all put on a base with a custom plate. Do you have any good punny phrases? We’ve come up with a few play on lyrics plates: “99 Problems, but a Witch Ain’t One” and “Hotter than a Son of a Witch.”

Skull Liquor Bottle on Black Marble Base
Skull Liquor Bottle Made into a Trophy
Halloween coffin-shaped Engraved Flasks
Coffin-shaped Engraved Flasks

Along with these Halloween trophy toppers, we’ve got a few items that are a perfect addition to your Halloween party. Below is a skull-shaped liquor bottle that was placed on a base to create a unique costume award. Aside from awards, we have engraved miniature coffin flasks. This is the perfect Halloween party favor for the adults!