Sleek Bone Guitar Pick


The Sleek Bone guitar pick combines aesthetics with practicality. This guitar pick will produce a bright and warm tone that is unlike any other! Its ivory surface is perfect for engraving any message, initials, or name of choice!


Though the musical styles and instrumentation of musicians and guitarists vary across the board, many would agree that the most integral part to perfecting an artist’s sound begins with their musical equipment. The guitar pick, also known as the plectrum, may be the smallest and most affordable piece of equipment yet it may play the largest role in shaping the tone and articulation of those strummed notes. Each guitar pick is crafted from different materials and textures to affect the sound quality and musicality.

The Sleek Bone guitar pick is crafted from specially-selected bone to produce a warm and vibrant tone. The Sleek Bone guitar pick is suitable for all guitar types, but its hard material is most suited for electric guitars. This guitar pick is extremely durable and its ivory color makes the perfect background against the dark text engraving.

Sleek bone guitar pick measures 1.3 inches vertical, 1.1 inches horizontal, and has a width of 0.1 inch. This guitar pick can be engraved with any name, message, or logo of choice as long as it fits onto the surface of the guitar pick.

Send us your design, image, logo, or whatever you would like engraved onto guitar pick! Have an idea already in mind but not sure how to translate it into art form? Our graphic design team can help you create the perfect design for your lighter. Be sure to send all materials to when placing an order.


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