Girasole Prism Award


The Girasole Prism Award a simple but elegant engravable acrylic. Personalize this classic piece with your logo in full color and other text. Available in three sizes.

Sm 4″x3″
Md 5″x3.5″
Lg 6″x4.5″

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“Girasole Prism Award”

The word “girasole” comes from the Italian word for sunflower where the color for this award gets its inspiration. This rectangular contoured award stands 4 inches tall. The Girasole Prism Award may look plain, but its simplicity is beauty and allows the accomplishment of the awarded to decorate its clear face. This is an award best suited for someone who has accomplished an outstanding feat or has characteristics that are simply stupendous and deserves recognition. The translucent flat face, featuring petal-like golden accents, has ample space for a name, message, and/or company’s logo. Award your spectacular employees, teammates, or co-workers with the Girasole Prism Award.

The Girasole Award’s golden hues, like petals, accentuate its angular sides and crisp corners. Nowadays, sunflowers are becoming more popular than roses to express appreciation for or acknowledge the accomplishments of someone. They are bright, beaming, and happy flowers that easily make anyone feel special. That is exactly how we want our Girasole Award to make your employee feel.

The Italian word, girasole, best represented this award because not only does its color reflect that of the large flower, but it also reminds us of Italian architecture. Massive cathedrals, the ancient Colosseum, ruins of the temples built to the gods. These feats of human achievement are also reflected in the Girasole Award because like a sunflower, Italian architecture is large, grand, and attractive. Italian architecture deserves high praise and so does your employee for their grand achievements that have improved your company.

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