The Sunburst Award


The Sunburst Award is an engravable acrylic. It will be as impressive any unconquered sun warrior when presented at your esteemed event. Personalize this fierce item with your logo in full color and other text. Available in three sizes.

Sm 5″x7″
Md 5.75″x7.5″
Lg 7″x8.5″

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“The Sunburst Award”

Sol Invictus, the “Unconquered Sun”, is the motivator behind this prestigious award. Known as a patron of soldiers, Sol Invictus encourages those who receive his award to continue conquering each endeavor. The rising sun figure and its dazzling rays stretch 5 inches above the horizon. The face allows ample room for engraving, and can also be personalized on the back, creating a dramatic effect. Give the Sunburst Award to a co-worker or teammate who is known for conquering their tasks and trials with matchless and sunny enthusiasm.

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