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Most logos are designed in color and for this reason we offer Full Color Awards. Color is a great way to make an award pop or accent the overall design. Designers the world over recognize that color is a powerful tool so why not incorporate color into your awards. We utilize some of the latest technologies from full CMYK digital imprinting as well as traditional color fill technique. On some high volume projects we recommend screen printing, as screen printing can reduce the cost. The drawback to screen printing is the inability to make line changes. This can be overcome by combining engraving techniques. Perhaps silk screening the logo and etching the name and message into each individual awards. Digital color offers us complete control over design with out any of the setups that go with screen printing. Digital imprinting is also less labor intensive when compared to traditional color fill. Traditional color fill is where the engraving mark is made deep enough that it can then hold pigment. Of course, traditional color fill has its place. It is substantial and offers a rich deep look and since the color doesn’t sit on the surface, it offers a higher durability. In short, color is the number one best way to make your logo or message stand out. That little splash of color draws the eye and engages the viewer. Think about how revolutionary color has been and what Full Color Awards can do to the prestige of your special event.



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