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We are here to help ensure that your project looks good. A big part of that is having good artwork. Not every company has an art department, and few graphic designers understand the needs of engraving logos into glass, metal, and other surfaces. This is where we can help. Let our team of talented engravers and graphic designers help adapt your concept or artwork to your product. For the best results in most engraving, vector artwork produces the best results. Additionally converting your artwork to curves gives the best continuity across multiple design platforms. This becomes important when you think about the fact that the engraving machine needs to know when to cut and where to move. A simple bitmap or raster file just doesn’t contain enough information. If your art team does work in raster formats like .jpg, .gif, .png, .tif or Photoshop files, we can definitely work with them, but make sure that they are high resolution images. If they are low resolution they won’t engrave well. If you have any questions or need in help just Contact Us.



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