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Tempe Trophy/Spectrum Engraving is one of the largest providers of Industrial Labeling/Panel Tags

• Substantial Capacity and Depth

• Superior Accuracy

• Durable UV resistant materials

• Ease of Ordering

• Friendly Knowledgeable Staff

• Wider Variety of Materials

• Quick Turnaround Time

• Customization of sizes

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Panel Tags

Panel Tags are one of the most common forms of permanent labeling. We offer engraved panel tags made out of durable laminated plastics as well as solid metal. We offer panel tags in all of the standard colors used in electrical labeling and other industrial labeling. These colors include Red, Orange, Black, Blue, Yellow and if you happen to need a special color combination or strange material specifications let us know. We would be happy to help find the right material for the application. All of our panel tags come with our standard adhesive backing and can be ordered with 0.125” diameter mounting holes and/or premium adhesive backings. Give us a call.

High Durability Signage

At Tempe Trophy, we are The Engraving Specialist. We offer high durability – high contrast signs, labels, panel tags, and industrial labeling. For more than 30 years we have been the industry leader in high durability signage. Whether you need a simple address label or a complicated sign and labeling package, we are here to help. If the engineer says that you need stainless steel panel tags, no problem. If the utility company says you need engraved site maps, send us the plans. If the hospital that you’re working on needs every outlet and switch plate engraved, we can help. If you need to color code all of the components to the backup power system that you are installing for a customer, we’ve got you covered. If you need to match the existing panel tags and labeling on a site, just get us as picture or sample and we’ll match it. If you simply want to make sure that you get the call back when your customer needs more work, we can do it. Let us design custom tags and weatherproof stickers with your logo so that your work is working for you! What ever your need is let us help you get the job done right.

Engraved Site Maps

Engraved Site Maps can be a life saver on large installation, letting a tech instantly see and understand where power is being generated from, and where it’s going. Using a PDF or high resolution JPG of the layout, we can engrave site maps out of anodized aluminum, stainless steel, or high contrast plastic sign material. We can also produce full color evacuation maps and other high durability signs for indoor and outdoor applications. What ever your need is, we can help.

Meter Tags

Most utility companies require meters and hookups to be labeled with a meter tag that displays the address or unit number. We offer brushed high durability engraved aluminum meter tags as well as laminated plastic tags. Most commonly we produce meter tags in engraved brushed aluminum with 1/8 inch rivet holes, but we can make them in a variety of materials based on the need of your project or inspector.

Engraved Switch Plates

We routinely engrave and color fill Stainless Steel electrical switch plate covers and plastic outlet covers. Engraving offers great longevity in outdoor, marine and other harsh environments. This is done either with the use of acid etching, sand carving, mechanical engraving, laser etching or by chemically fusing colorant to the substrate. This fusing technique offers superior chemical and heat resistence, but is not nearly as abrasion resistant as engraving or etching.

Labeling Outlet Covers and Switch Plates is required in most hospitals, medical faculties, server rooms, and power dependent facilities. These engraved Outlet Covers and Switch Plates are used to label dedicated circuits as well as outlets that are tied into backup power systems. Let us know what your needs and application are so that we can help get the right method for your job.

Conduit Tags

We offer a wide variety of conduit tags, valve tags, and round tags in brass, stainless steel, aluminum and plastic. These can be engraved or marked with different techniques including color depending on your needs and applications. We offer the round tags in a selection of stock sizes ranging from as small as 0.5” to as large as 3”. Custom sizes and materials are also available. So, if you have a project that calls for strange or unique labels, just remember, that we do this kind of thing every day and are ready to help.

Custom ID Plates

At Tempe Trophy, we produce custom Equipment Tags as well as custom ID Plates. These plates can be made out of high durability anodized aluminum, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, or plastics depending on your need or application. Identification Plates and Equipment Tags can be provided with or without high strength adhesive backing, screw or rivet holes, and or magnetic backing. The tags can be designed for indoor and/or outdoor use. We create the plates to fit your needs so let us know what they are. Equipment Tags can be also made out of food grade stainless steel to meet food handling requirements. We can also make harsh environment safety labeling as well as extreme environment identification plates. Minimum quantities may be required for custom sizes or shapes.

Legend Plates

We have a variety of stock and custom legend plates for labeling pushbuttons, selector switches and indicator lights. We produce engravable metal and plastic pushbutton plates in safety colors and high contrast color combinations. Our stock pushbutton plates are designed to fit most popular equipment from the majority of manufacturers. If you have a need for a non-standard size, just remember that we can always produce custom sizes and shapes for whatever your application. We can also do a fully customized panel overlay in a variety of materials

Weather Proof Serviced By Stickers

We offer High Durability weatherproof Serviced By stickers made out of an outdoor rated Brushed Silver Poly sticker. Put your company logo and contact information on every job that you do so no matter who owns the property, you get the call when your customer need you! Stock sizes as well as custom sizes and shapes are available. Minimum quantities apply for custom sizes and shapes.



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