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Sand Carving is the best way to engrave crystal and glass awards. It also works very well on marble, ceramics, and stone. Sand Carving is similar to etching but goes much deeper. For that reason it is sometimes referred to as deep etching. The look and feel of Sand Carving is far superior to laser etching. With this method of engraving we shoot sand (actually an aluminum oxide) at the surface of the piece and literally carve away the material. This lets us carve complex artwork into stone and crystal for a beautiful and breathtaking look that will wow the recipients. Too often in our industry, beautiful awards are defaced by competitors using a laser to engrave glass and crystal awards. Laser engraving may be faster, cheaper, and a lot less labor intensive, but it doesn’t compare to Sand Carving. For this reason we Sand Carve all of our glass and crystal awards. It is a difference that you can see and feel.



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