Jade Cascade Award


The Jade Cascade Award is a timeless green-tinged glass piece that can be personalized with a company logo and commemorative text.  Available in three sizes.


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“Jade Cascade Award”

In the Chinese culture, jade was a significantly precious stone comparable to gold or silver. Though, there is an old Chinese saying that goes, “Gold has a value; jade is invaluable.” Throughout Chinese history, jade represents purity and intelligence. Acknowledge your invaluable staff with the Jade Cascade Award placed on a glass base. The glass itself can be engraved through a process similar to etching known as sand carving allowing the piece to be personalized with a company logo, personal message, or commemorative text. Standing at 7.5 inches tall the clear Jade Cascade Award is accented with the brilliant color jade. Award a favorite doctor for precious time they took to aid their patients or a favorite professor who has a demonstrated irreplaceable camaraderie among his/her students. The Jade Cascade Award is the one trophy perfect for honoring those who possess excellent and invaluable characteristics.


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