Complaint Department Grenade Desk Ornament


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Fabricated from a military surplus grenade*, this desk ornament is ready for your office visitors to take a number before issuing any complaints. The grenade is hollow and therefore inactive, so unfortunately some of your visitors may continue to outstay their welcome. The upside is that this entertaining accessory mounted on a solid black marble base will grab everyone?s attention in an explosive way. This is a must-have accessory for any salty veteran!

Accessory, gag gift, trophy ? whatever you may see our grenade as, we see it as simply the best. Our grenades are the best because they are the real deal. They are sandblasted to be reconditioned, repainted to the traditional olive garb, and the yellow “Live High Explosive” line is painted onto each one before the numbered tag is added and the whole piece is mounted.

The Complaint Department Grenade Desk Ornament stands 6.25 inches tall, and has a 3? x 3? base. The pin has a metal number “1” attached, and the placard reads, ?Complaint Department: Please Take a Number.”
If you are interested in personalizing the grenade by modifying the text or adding an additional plaque to the backside, please clearly outline your details in the ?Notes to Seller? section.

*Because we use surplus grenades, there will be some variance between each ornament.


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