Bendy Trash Can Trophy


Know of a trash talker who can’t put his money where his mouth is? There is no better way to honor the biggest trash talker or loser of your leg with our Bendy Trash Can Trophy. This hilarious trophy features a mini trash can with bendable limbs balanced on a golden riser and stately black base. Personalize the plate with any name or message you would like; we recommend engraving the loser’s name to add to the laughs!

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Our Bendy Trash Can Trophy is a versatile award that can serve a variety of purposes. Some of its purposes include honoring the biggest trash talkers in your league, or congratulating the winning team on their big loss, or even just giving as a fun gag gift. One thing’s for sure is this trophy will keep the laughs coming! This trophy features a mini trash can figure with bendable arms and legs. It stands atop a magnificent golden riser and black base. With a height of of 7.25 inches and a wingspan of 7 inches with its bendy arms fully extended, the Bendy Trash Can Trophy will fit perfectly among a collection of fantasy sports trophies or other equally prestigious awards!

The trophy allows you to personalize the name plate to whatever message, name, and/or logo you would like! Be sure to specify your engraving request in as much detail as possible when placing an order! Be sure to include any font preferences or bold, italic, underlined words in your message.

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