Engraved red mug that says "I love you"
Engraved Red Mug

The History of Valentine’s Day

Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day? Although it is a holiday full of mushy romanticism, its origins are rather gory. From February 13th to 15th, the ancient Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia. During the feast, men would sacrifice a goat and dog and take the hides of those animals and whip women. The women thought it would make them fertile. There was also a match-making lottery where the men would pick the names of women and they would be paired for the rest of the festival. In the 300s A.D., a Roman Emperor executed two different men by the name of Valentine during two different feasts of Lupercalia. The Catholics named those men saints and the name St. Valentine’s Day was born. Over time, St. Valentine’s Day and the feast were warped together and it evolved into a yearly celebration of love (source).

Saint Valentine Drawing
Saint Valentine

Valentine’s Day Traditions

From candy grams to roses, Valentine’s Day has many modern traditions that are practiced around the world. According to the Huffington Post, Danish people give out “snowdrops,” pressed white flowers. In South Korea, women are the ones who give candy and flowers to men. In South Africa, women pin the names of their crushes on their sleeves which is how the men learn who their admirers are.

Here in the U.S., I have seen many traditions practiced. We give out Valentine’s Day grams to all of our elementary school classmates. Bouquets are given out to the people we love, from our moms to our significant others. Convenient stores and supermarkets are always filled with teddy bears and even balloons weeks in advanced. Unlike South Korea, it’s usually a tradition that the men woo their women with gifts of jewelry and flowers. New traditions are always forming. What unique traditions have you seen?

Gift Ideas

Change up your Valentine’s Day gift giving by personalizing it through engraving. Tempe Trophy can engrave nearly any flat surface, and even some curved surfaces. Here are some of the awesome things you could give your loved ones:

We’ve engraved watches, champagne glasses, and even fidget spinners for people to give to their beloved. One customer brought in their hummingbird figurine to customize. It was an already great piece that was made special through a personalized engraving.

Love Locks

Our love locks are a huge hit throughout the year and especially during Valentine’s. They’re a cool way to represent never ending love by permanently locking it onto a bridge, gate, or on a tree during wedding ceremonies. Engraved text can include names, a date, or even a short message onto the locks. We have a silver hand-forged love lock, gold hand-forged love lock, classic double heart love lock, and mini love lock.